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Knee Walkers

Knee Walkers 1300 85 45 15 Have you ever been stuck with crutches and find that they are awkward to handle and difficult to manoeuvre? Then look no further than the exciting Knee Walkers that have been designed to provide an alternative option to crutches whilst providing exceptional stability! Greatly improving the quality of mobility and access, [...]

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ETAC Turner Transfer Aid

What to look for in an ETAC Turner Transfer Aid. Call 1300 85 45 15 today!   ETAC Turner Transfer Aid, assists patients who encounter difficulty standing up on their own, but have the ability to bear their own weight once they are upright, then transfer from bed to wheelchair or Commode for example. In normal circumstances, some [...]

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What to look for in a Recliner Chair

What to look for in a Recliner Chair. For rehabilitation and the elderly, the most popular style of Reclining Chair or Assist a Lift Chair you should consider is the electric controlled variety. The single motor function allows the backrest to recline and footrest elevate simultaneously, although most have the legs elevate just before the backrest [...]

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How to Buy a Home Care Bed

How to Buy a Home Care Bed As the name suggests, the Home Care Bed is for use in the home or residential environment. Hospital beds are more expensive due to increased functionality and are generally in one piece as opposed to its cousin that breaks into typically four (4) pieces, the two ends and the [...]

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Buying wheelchairs: Learn how

Who is going to operate the wheelchair? Call 1300 85 45 15 today! The most basic thought process when buying wheelchairs is whether the patient (Self Propelled) or carer (Attendant Propelled) is going to propel the wheelchair. Call 1300 85 45 15 today! Self Propelled wheelchairs have larger rear wheels with rims to allow the [...]

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