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ETAC Turner Transfer Aid, assists patients who encounter difficulty standing up on their own, but have the ability to bear their own weight once they are upright, then transfer from bed to wheelchair or Commode for example.

In normal circumstances, some patients may feel unsafe when they are assisted by a carer in being moved from their bed to a wheelchair or commode yet with the ETAC Turner Transfer Aid, both the carer and assisted feel safer prior to and post transfer. Most patients can advise that they felt more in control, confident and calm during their transfer.

The ETAC Turner Transfer Aid has been designed to minimise the risk of falls and eliminates ergonomic health (back strain, etc) issues for the carer, which in turn, negates Health Occupational Safety issues. The carer gets to maintain direct eye contact with the patient as a result of the non slip swivel circular base which is 13mm high. Differing patient heights are not a problem as the handle and leg support is height adjustable. The ETAC Turner Transfer Aid comes apart for ease of transportation and can also be moved from one room to another by tilting it on its smooth running castors. The maximum user weight is 150 kg providing additional safety.

The ETAC Turner Transfer Aid is used widely similarly in both Home Care and Hospital/Nursing Home environments and is quickly becoming one of the most used items within the armoury of these groups for moving people and to mitigate health and legal issues from carers.

CarePlus Living Solutions are happy to demonstrate the ETAC Turner Transfer Aid to Carers and Patients alike. This can be done in the home or at the hospital or nursing home.