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Have you ever been stuck with crutches and find that they are awkward to handle and difficult to manoeuvre? Then look no further than the exciting Knee Walkers that have been designed to provide an alternative option to crutches whilst providing exceptional stability!

Greatly improving the quality of mobility and access, Knee Walkers gives the patient more stability and comfort with minimal effort – no more having to remove a crutch from an arm and hanging it off a bench or chair just to reach for an item then having to readjust the crutch to move around again!

Suitable for foot fractures, broken bones, amputations, gout, achilles tendon issues, sprained ankles, bunions, the Knee Walker is a perfect way to keep active if you cant weight bear on your lower limbs.

The Knee Walkers frame is sturdy and made out of aluminum for strength and durability, which makes it easy for transport. The channel for the knee/leg that has been hollowed out makes it extremely comfortable as a resting place.

The seat and handlebar height are adjustable without tools to customise the Knee Walker.

Four solid 8” Wheels makes this ideal for indoors and outdoors. The knee pad height has a range between 40cm to 52cm with 25mm increments. The handle height is 78cm to 94cm with 25mm increments. The hand brakes are lockable.

It weighs in at 12kg and has a maximum user weight capacity of 130kg.

All of our Knee Walkers are hygienically cleaned and serviced prior to hire/rental and are available for both hire and purchase.