Recliner Chairs are perfect for patients who require assistance in sitting and standing. Individuals who experience difficulty in mobility can take advantage of the inbuilt motorised mechanism that provides plenty of support in sitting and standing from the same position. Control is provided by a hand held controller with an inbuilt toggle button, one touch for up or down. The headrest is high with plenty of cushioning inbuilt. Most recliner chairs allow you to recline into a sleeping position as does this one. This chair would even suit people who can not get comfortable in a standard bed. Head to to learn more.

Single motor recliner chairs will allow you to raise your legs (up to 70% 1st) as it subsequently reclines. Conversely, when you are already to return to an upright position, it will raise you and then it will tuck away the leg rest. The Twin motor functionality allows an independent operation so as to allow you to raise your leg rest without having to recline the the back rest. These chairs can also be utilised by able bodied people in home theatre rooms or anywhere else in the home.

Recliner chairs are available in various colours and material including leather, vinyl, cloth or suede. The recliner chairs also have removable back rest for ease of transportability and positioning within your home. In addition, it would be ideal to fully extend the backrest so as to locate the recliner chair away from anything that may impede its functionality. This will also avoid damage.

Generally, you can rent a chair to see if it works for you, and if you wish to purchase one, we can then credit your hire fees against the purchase price.

We have a fast delivery response time and can also ship interstate from Melbourne, so call us on 1300 85 45 15.

So if you suffer from chronic or acute pain, then this could be a great way to get some well needed rest!

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