What to look for in a Recliner Chair.

For rehabilitation and the elderly, the most popular style of Reclining Chair or Assist a Lift Chair you should consider is the electric controlled variety.

The single motor function allows the backrest to recline and footrest elevate simultaneously, although most have the legs elevate just before the backrest reclines. Conversely, the chair will rise to have the patient in a standing position. It is always best to leave the chair in the same position as the patient leaves it, so that when he/she returns, they just back into it and let the chair recline into the correct seating position.

The dual motor functionality allows the elevate feet functionality to occur independently of the backrest, so one can have the footrest elevated whilst the backrest is fully upright. It’s an awesome feature for people who find it difficult to sleep in a bed and with minimal adjustments, can find their perfect sleeping position.

There are a few material/covering options including, Cloth, Microfibre, Mock Leather (Vinyl) and Leather. Clearly the two latter coverings are ideal for cleaning although the fabrics can be scotch guarded (or similar) for longevity and infection control.

Generally the larger the chair then the increased weight capacity it can sustain. Most today will hold a minimum of say 130kg with a distance between armrests of approximately 45-50cm. The larger models have a beefed up frame work and motors and take upwards of 250kg. There is also a model for the petite person for a snugger fit.

The beauty of today’s recliners is that the majority of them have the ability to remove the backrest for ease of transport and getting it in the preferred room at home!

There are also companies such as ours,  CarePlus Living Solutions who hire these especially for patients who see them selves rehabilitating in the short term.

Always look for at least a 12-month warranty so that if something goes wrong, you can hold them accountable.

Some recliners actually come with small wheels so as to move the recliner in that room with ease, although this feature is not absolutely necessary.

The hand controllers should be simple so as to allow it easy for the user to identify up down etc. If you are worried about left hand right hand set up, this can be done at the installation stage and just advise your company, which side you would prefer it.

The recliner should also be positioned far enough from the wall so the head rest does not touch as this may cause damage.

What to look for in a Recliner Chair by CarePlus Living Solutions. Hire Recliner Chair Melbourne.

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